First lesson and Fortaleza today

first lesson

The heatwave in Lisbon was a good excuse to try out the girls’ very first lesson. Their materials given by the school directress and teacher Vero, were scanned and saved in a USB key. My husband also saved it in the drive.

Karen was given the task to read Jean de Florette by Marcel Pagnol and Erin has her french lesson.

Frankly speaking they were motivated  because of the recompense afterwards. I guess we need to find a solution to this 🙂 and create a better schedule for their lesson.

Why Jean de Florette?

Before our trip, we have packed some books to be sent to my home country and didn’t realize that the girls did not pack any for our travels. There are card games and 4 other games to keep them occupied but not books.

Pagnol‘s Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources were supposed to be my “travel book” along with Joël Dicker‘s but teacher husband thought that the former will do for now until we find another book for our eldest.

Fortaleza today

early morning view

We are currently in Fortaleza,Brazil, enjoying a lesser hot temperature. First day was spent doing the grocery in this huge shopping center.

Explored Praia do Futuro after the girls’  morning lesson today and bought some shrimps for R$ 20. The good thing about the latter is that my eldest daughter,Karen, realized that it’s good with some lime.

More of our Fortaleza adventure soon.

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