A week later…

Seems like eternity since we left our home to start this family adventure. My youngest daughter, Erin, expressed how she misses her bed and her stuff toys. I miss everything in Grand Lancy but the thought of visiting countries as a family truly excites me.

We have reserved our accommodations till the end of the month thru AirBnB and two hotels. Three down and 3 to go.

Breakfast in the Pousada Pouso Feliz consisted of bread, tapioca pancake, cheese, ham, cakes, guava juice and coffee.


Our main concern is the phone. Before departure, I have cancelled my phone subscription. Carlo read about TextNow and using WhatsApp in a blog here. Perhaps I have got too excited and didn’t read everything well. TextNow didn’t function well in my phone, lost half of my chats/messages in WhatsApp trying to reinstall it so that I can use both application. Thankfully, Carlo’s attempt didn’t work out and he was able to keep all his chats/msg. His phone subscription is until the end of the month.

Phoning  our two hosts is kinda tricky, not adding them in our WhatsApp contact made us  used Carlo’s phone 4g and incurred charges along the way. Yes, I should have done that at home.

Uber is not in our phone app. We were already in Brazil when I decided to download it.

Aside from bom dia and obrigado, our portuguese knowledge is nul. Nevertheless, this did not hinder the people whom we asked directions. Once, a man said “perigoso” as I asked him how to go to a grocery store. I took it that walking alone is dangerous because afterwards he made a hand gesture but seeing Carlo afterwards he said it would be okay to walk. Glad to be with our main man.

Our baggages survived the first two destinations. Aside from the missing name tags of the adults’ luggages and Erin’s stomach trouble, everyone and everything’s doing alright.

Keep calm and smile.

Lessons learned

  • I should have taken a pre-paid sim card not relying on wifi alone.
  • Download Uber before leaving home.
  • Add hosts’ number in WhatsApp
  • Ask. There’s no harm in trying.

It made me feel bad not being able to prevent these things from happening, however these are situations which might have cost us yet lessons learned.


4 thoughts

  1. This things happens. Even all is well planned and prepared there’s always some things that you can say,ah I should have done this and that. Next time it will be as good as perfect. It makes me excited seeing your next post and next adventures destinations. Enjoy and take care of each and everyone!

  2. Helo.Hope everythings fine. Sina ate & erin. Okey di ba. Dapat nga sana ay inayos at naisip mo ang pone. Nwl din s isip ko n itanong dahil busy k s mga paghahanda. Hoping n next time e me mgmit k ng pone. Ingat lagi at God bless. We’re okey here, ang init init nga lang.

  3. “Remembe, that life’s greatest lesson are usually learned at the worst time from the worst mistake. Thought, yours are not really the worst one. Anyway, have fun with your travelling and see you next year.

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