Está tudo bem


Went out before 8h30, when the sun was still mild. We’d like to see the small basin created when there’s low tide, I was hoping to take lots of pictures.


Unfortunately, the current was so strong and the basin was nowhere in sight. I could see the gray clouds forming at the horizon. The sun was out and for our last day in Fortaleza we let the waves carried us.


Then it rained. Running to cover our belongings, I turned as the rest of the family came out of the water , I thought of our laundry hanging and drying.Perhaps it was the rain ,the expanse of the beach or maybe the memory it brought when I was a child, playing with my siblings and cousins, enjoying the rain.

I laid down, sand on my back, letting the rain bathe me . I felt a sudden serenity , why should I worry about my laundry to the point of forgetting the moment. I kissed my husband and danced with my girls, laughing, allowing the rain soaked us.

It felt good, being at the moment.

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