Bus through Peru with children

Our family’s 3 week Peru adventure

on our way to Arequipa

We have started our journey in Peru on the 9th of September and left on the 24th . We had a total of 3 weeks in exploring this wonderful country. Leaving our family in awe of its architecture, ruins, arts and its people.

Entering Peru

Buying  bus tickets with passports at hand is very important. Carlo bought ours the day before. Our bus was at 14h and we were at the Terminal Terrestre de Guayaquil before 13h, had a quick lunch in the food court and went up to our designated terminal number half an hour before departure. Pictures were taken before boarding and filmed while in the bus before leaving. Crossing the boarder went smoothly with the whole family.

Our itinerary: Mancora-Trujillo-Huanchaco-Lima-Arequipa- Cusco-Puno

We have taken overnight buses. Mostly Cruz del Sur and  Oltursa. We tried Primavera when leaving Mancora. I like Cruz del Sur but the rest of the family prefers Oltursa.

Overnight buses were our preference due to the fact that our youngest daughter, Erin, has travel sickness. Instead of taking medication, she opted for small bags and wet tissues. She was not either a fan of bus meals. Preferring to watch a movie, for the nth time or merely slept during the whole travel.  Karen,on the other hand, has gotten used to the comfort of personal screen of the bus and started drinking hot tea during the trip.

We  usually reserved our room a day or two before our arrival, taking in the feel of the town we were in or when. This might not work for everyone but it did for us. Our maximum stay was 5 days. We usually chose a hostal with a kitchen. If there was none,  then we’d eat out and  it would be  menu of the day, which sometimes one of the girls did not approve of. There the drama begun and the power of persuasion followed.

Experience has taught us that the girls should order one meal. There were few occasions that they were not able to finish their food. Sometimes the portion was too big for each of them and it was really unfortunate to leave a half-eaten plate. Yes, we did doggy-bags and we tried to eat their rest if we could. However, given our lesson learned, we only ordered 3 meals and shared between the four of us.

Staying in a place for a day and taking an overnight bus afterwards required an adventurous mind, energy, and lots of coffee. Of course, it  was easy to unpack and pack clothes but there were moments where I would like us to have a grasse matinée.

Given the quantity of our clothes, we lasted 3 days without doing our laundry. We did twice in Huanchaco then waited till we were in Cusco.  And of course,  who’s first in taking a shower was always an issue between our girls, just like at home.

Nevertheless, we compensated on afternoon naps so that everyone, especially the girls could rest and parents could recharge, ready to face another day of adventure.

my girls and I in Machu Picchu

Three weeks in Peru were not always  bed of roses. There were walk-out, tantrums and arguments. Nevertheless, there were also lemonade and pisco sour. Yes, life is beautiful. 

3 thoughts

  1. Yes, Life really is beautiful… you’re experiencing it now! Enjoy the whole escapades. I enjoyed seeing all your piks, loved it and thanks for sharing. God bless you always. Miss you all a lot. kisses

  2. Le Machu Picchu , la merveille du Peru! As what I heard, the ghost of emperor Pachacutec still roaming around. Just kidding. Enjoying every pictures.
    take care

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