Bolivia with the kids: Copacabana to Cochabamba by bus

sunset in Copacabana,Bolivia

Puno to Copacabana

We have stayed one night in Puno and in the morning our host has organized a tour of floating islands for our family for 100 soles.  Our guide fetched us around 9h and continued collecting 4 more groups of tourist. The tour lasted until after midday. My eldest daughter, Karen, has written about it in here.  The tour lasted up till after midday.

24.09.18  Our bus for Copacabana was at 14h. Was not able to have lunch but bought some snack for the trip. I was hoping to mail our Peru postcards but there was no mailbox in the bus terminal and the woman who sold us the tickets did not want to take the postcards saying that it would cost her 7 soles to get to town. My lesson learned : to note the address of the recipient before buying the postcard, once stamped, mail it/drop in the buzón before leaving the place/country we are visiting.

After paying the terminal fee, we went to board our bus. The driver gave    forms to sign for our exit from Peru and  entry to Bolivia.

After passing the Peruvian border, we were led to the Bolivian border control where we presented the signed form (filled up everything while the bus was moving!). Photos were taken and passports stamped. Afterwards, half of the form was given back to each of us.

We arrived in Copacabana at 18h30 and entered a café called Café Bistrot Copacabana to get some hot drinks and check our hotel reservation. Unfortunately, our reservation was not approved (we did this while in Puno) and the lady of the café tried to find us a room. We found out that the passengers of the bus we took could have a discount in a hotel nearby. We seized the opportunity. At the night of our arrival, we met a french family(with 2 boys), who is on a 7-month tour. Our children played card games and we had dinner together. The children had a tour of pedal boat in the lake  the following afternoon.

 Our view of the lake is beautiful but we cannot give the same praise to the staff of the hotel and I will not dwell on that issue here. In the course of our 2 day stay, husband resumed with the girls’ lesson. We also shopped for more warm clothes and walked around the town. During the search for stamps,  I found out that there was no post office in Copacabana.

early morning in Copacabana

27.09.18 We left Copacabana and headed for La Paz at 7h. I bought some empanada and brownies  the afternoon before our departure in the bakery  called Pit Stop in Ave.16 de Julio. There were also water and some fruits. We are definitely ready for our bus ride.

At around 8h15 we arrived in San Pedro. Paid 2 Bol/person for a ferry ride  of 10 mins to San Pablo de Tiquina. We took our personal belongings with us and left the baggage in the bus. While waiting for the bus being ferried, Carlo had  coffee while we used the baño. Tip: always have spare change for toilet use. The  driver blew the horn to call out the passengers back to the bus. By 8h45, we were on the road again.

La Paz

We arrived in La Paz ciudad not after 3.5 hours as I was told when buying our tickets but after almost 5 hrs. By 11h30, we were slowly exiting  El Alto. The traffic was awful.

My youngest daughter got sick on our second day here. While she stayed in bed, my husband and my eldest, Karen, took the cable car to see La Paz from above.

29.09.18 Be wary of the traffic when going to the bus terminal. It’s better to be early. Our bus for Cochabamba was at 10h30 but left 15 mins after because two passengers did not show up on time. Arriving at El Alto by 11h20, the bus picked up more passengers.

ticket for  Cochabamba: Bs.25.-/person (semi cama)

The Bolivian valleys are beautiful. Once passing Patacamaya, something caught my eyes. Plastic bags in the air being carried by the wind. In one setting, there was a man standing in his field, flock of sheeps and plastic bags around. This breaks my heart.

At 18h, our bus suddenly stopped for some repair. Smoke was coming out from underneath. After 10 mins we were ready to drive again. There was still 2h30 hours before we reach Cochabamba.


It was already dark when we arrived and found our room in calle Colombia. Being Sunday the next day, almost all the lavanderias were closed. I found one in calle Anecito Arce. My youngest was still sick  and it was at this time that we decided to skip Torotoro National Park and go to Sucre instead ahead of our schedule. So aside from grocery shopping, eating out and doing our laundry,the whole family had a lazy Sunday. And being lazy means catching up on my book reading. Hopefully I can have it exchange in Sucre.

01.10.18 Monday morning, we let the children sleep while my husband went out to buy some fruits and mail my long overdue Peru postcards. Our surrounding is more animated. It was after breakfast that we went to the bus terminal to get our bus tickets for 20h30 bus for Sucre.  As I finish this post, the three are taking a walk and then we’re off to a 9-10 bus ride tonight.

And yes, Erin, who lost weight, is back to her old self after 3 days of being sick. ❤

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  1. Im happy to hear from all of you again. Its nice to look at those pictures of your escapades. Take cre always. Misses you & God bless your travel always. Mama

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