Bolivia with kids: Sucre to Villazón by bus

While finishing  the first part of our Bolivian trip, the rest of the family were out for a walk. Giving me some quiet moment. 🙂 The staff of our hostel was kind enough to let us stay until 19h30 and Carlo gave her Bs 50. We were told that it would be okay to leave at that time. But alas! the traffic was terrible. We were barely moving and the terminal was only 15 mins. away. Night at the terminal of Cochabamba was really animated and full to the brim. We deposited our bag then  went to eat before leaving. There was half an hour before departure.

We didn’t see our bus right away. Not realizing that there was another  Bolivar bus leaving at the same time. Ours was right behind the first one. It was a frantic moment combined with all the commotion and busyness around us.

and our baggage?

Cochabamba bus terminal

  • Bus- Bolivar
  • Seat type- semi Cama
  • terminal fee-Bs2.50

Nevertheless, we made it . And our baggage that we didn’t see being stowed was secured underneath our bus.

02.10.2018   Today is our 2nd month anniversary away from home and our first day here in Sucre. We arrived at 4h15,an hour before our scheduled time, in the morning. The lights in and outside the bus woked me up. I told Carlo that I would go down and find the baño. While I looked at my watch, he said that we have arrived. This early? So we woke the girls up and headed down the bus to get our  baggage.

We waited in the terminal until 6h30, napping every now and then. Half listening to the children crying and playing, trying to politely refuse vendors with their wares displayed all over them. Watching people enter and exit the terminal with their baggage on their back. I am amaze how they carry everything,wrapped in this colorful cloth.

This reminded me of our village where I grew up, where once upon a time, we carried almost everything on our head, sometimes using woven tray.  Ahh, those days!!

Anyway, at 6h30, we were all so glad to exit the terminal and  head to our guesthouse.  We were not able to take our usual monthly photo today. Maybe tomorrow while in the plaza, when out tiredness won’t show and the whole family all scrubbed and cleaned up.

02-05. 10.2018 The girls got sick after a day in Sucre. While I stayed with both of them, the Papa went out and took our laundry for washing. Then walked in the plaza with J.C., a french who is travelling for a month.

inside the Museo del Tesoro

The girls did get better after a day and we explored the center. We visited the Museo del Tesoro   which is infront of the plaza. We  also went to the library of  Alliance Française where the girls stayed for a while to read.

Sucre in images

My youngest, as a part of her birthday gift, received her own luggage while in Sucre. This somehow resolved the constant bickering of who would take care of the mini valise where we put some school supplies and their knick-knacks.

After 3 nights, we checked out and instead of taking a bus, we decided to take a taxi to Potosi. A time-out for bus ride and a good excuse for acquiring a fourth  luggage.

05-06.10.2018  Potosi  We arrived at 15h. We chose our hotel in prep for our 3 day desert tour. It was grand compared to the other accommodation we had so we were so excited. Erin who loves bathtub take advantage of it, unfortunately the plug was missing.  Shower cap to the rescue!

We welcomed the warmth of our room with gratitude,  nevertheless it was too much for us. So we turned our heater off yet the room was still so warm therefore we slept with open windows. In the morning, sound from a school nearby greeted us just as the sun was coming thru our window.

breakfast buffet

The noise didn’t wake my youngest who that morning turned 9 here in Potosi and we would be celebrating in Uyuni. After our breakfast, we took a taxi to the EX terminal, our  bus to Uyuni was at 11h30.

  • Uso terminal/adult – Bs. 1.-
  • Bus fare/person – Bs. 25.-
the usual…

06-09.10.2019  Our Uyuni tour will  soon  be posted here.

10-12.10.2018 We left Uyuni yesterday at 17h and opted to take a taxi ( $100) instead of waiting till the evening for a bus. We wanted to leave early. The owner of the agency who handled our tour suggested that we go Tupiza instead of Villazón and sure glad we did.

The road  leading to Tupiza was a good one. The landscape breathtaking. How can Bolivia be this stunning? Anyway, after an hour,we arrived in Atocha and here the road changed, we followed an unpaved road which lasted for about 15 mins. Then paved , winding and close to the ravine- road again for another 1.5 hours or so. The rest of it till before Tupiza was still in construction. I was gripping the car tightly as the driver made his way to the narrow and dusty road. It was so dark and the black sky was gloriously enhanced  by stars. It would be sunny tomorrow, I thought. Trying to be calm as I look at the ravine and at the trucks coming in our direction. The girls were sleeping and Carlo was looking ahead.

We made it safe to Tupiza ;). After circling several blocks, the driver finally found the hotel. We stayed two nights. Taking advantage of the space to catch up on the girls’ lesson. To just chill by the pool, read books or merely relax and enjoy the warm weather.

12.10.2018 It was a sunny day when we checked out from our hotel. Outside,the street was already busy. While waiting for a taxi to pass by, a woman who got out of her pick up truck  asked us if we were checking out. After learning that we were, she said that her driver could take us to the terminal. The kind woman is the owner of the Hotel Mitru , I later found out from our driver. The latter didn’t accept anything from Carlo. Now you know where to stay when in Tupiza. 😉

At the bus terminal, Carlo and Karen walked around to check for our tickets. He was told to talked to a man who was discharging some boxes and luggage from the bus in front of us. Si, the bus is going to Villazón and would leave in 10 mins.

We left at 9h30 and by 11h15 we were at Villazón . We exited the terminal and took a taxi for the “frontera”.  As suggested in our guidebook, we changed money before crossing the border. I emptied my wallet for any Bolivianos not wanting to leave any coins like what happened  after our stay in Peru.

The street near the border is lined up with shops but the café is some blocks away from it as told by the policeman. We were so tired and have no more strength to walk farther, so we ended up buying some orange juice instead.

In front, the blue and white flag seemed to wave at us. Welcoming our tired and hungry tribe with the warmth of the sun. And a promise of some carne à la parilla and chimichurri .

Argentina, here we come!


8 thoughts

  1. Glad that you could take us throug your writings about your experiences😊 it really seems like we are travelling with you. 😘 can’t wait for the Argentinian escapades!
    Miss you guys😘

  2. Helo there dRohner, very exciting adventure, to see all what you have done and still be doing really make me very happy. Take care & God bless your family adventure. Miss you all. A bientot, Mama with live

  3. Such an adventure and very brave i must say to travel by bus with kids!!!amazing!!!i think its a great time to really built the closeness of the family and a way to discover many things in between!and im sure your girls will never ever forget that trip in their entire life!im sure it mold some of their characters and see the world in a totally diffirent way!keep safe and enjoy more of your days!!!!may the lord always guide you!!!

    1. Thanks so much. The girls are doing well. Carlo and I hope the same thing for our daughters, that this trip will mold their characters.
      Gracias for reading our adventure. ❤

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