In the land of parilla and chimichuri

11.10.2018 From Tupiza bus terminal, we took a Villazon bound bus at 9h30 and by 11h15 we arrived in our destination. We exited the terminal and took a taxi to go to “frontera”. Before passing the border, we changed the rest of Bolivianos and some Argentinian pesos.

We lined up and showed our passport with the rest of our form filled the first time we arrived in Bolivia. Baggage were scanned and then we were in Argentinian soil. It felt unreal that we finally arrived. With only some difficulty in understanding the way some Argentinian talk, it felt we were still in Bolivia.

Few meters away, we took a taxi which would take us to the Terminal de Ómnibus de La Quiaca. Our destination: HUMAHUACA

Humahuaca, Argentina

I thought we’d easily find a supermercardo  in Villazon border or the terminal in La Quiaca, unfortunately, we didn’t and the bus for Humahuaca in La Quiaca (12h30)was about to leave in 10 minutes when our taxi reached the terminal. We had 2 checkpoints in a span of 45 minutes.

We were famished when we arrived in Humahuaca at 16h.  And despite the sandwich milanese & hamburgersa in the terminal,  we longed for a better dish. Nanay’s lesson: dried fruit/fruit bar in the backpack–all the time!!

As we got off the bus, a man asked for our luggage sticker and then handed our bags. I didn’t understand,at first, that we need to hand him some money for the effort.

Our cabana is not in the center. It’s a room with one double bed and a bunkbed, an area to make some coffee and bathroom. There are still some construction going on but despite that, the sunset and the horses complete the beautiful paysage.

Our neighbor was a kind Argentinian couple in their 60s traveling to the south. In the evening as were  leaving to have dinner, they were preparing their parilla. We hoped to find some but ended up having some llama for entrée. 😦 It was good, actually but our  girls were not happy and Erin was so devastated having tasted what she called her 2nd favorite animal.

12.10.2018 Carlo and I woke up early. The sun was slowly coming up and we let the girls sleep longer. We chatted while having some coffee, mountain and horses in front of us. It made me so happy to have moments like this with him where I could cry with gratefulness in my heart. ❤

Anyway, I cut my drama short and started to pack. Our host was a nice fellow and though crisis has recently affected their country, he said, tourists, especially french ones are coming steadily in Humahuaca.

We checked out and went to the terminal. Taking advantage of some time left, we walked around the center and looked for a café.

Heading to the terminal we found out that the bus bound for Salta was full, so we decided to take the one going to Jujuy around midday. Cutting our trip in two.

missed our  ride..  😦

Next is our stay in Salta.

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