Travelling to Uruguay and Buenos Aires

Concordia-Gualeguaychu-Fray Bentos-Colonia del Sacramento-Buenos Aires

It was sunny when we left Puerto Iguazú. We had hoped for the same weather during ourtrip to the Iguazú Falls the day before.

From P. Iguazú we took an overnight bus for Concordia and fortunately, I had taken our blankets out from our luggage because it was freezing at night. I have asked the staff if he could change the temperature but maybe he had forgotten my request.

Arriving early morning, I could not recall where our tickets were. The stickers for our luggage were attached to them. It took me ages to find them (side pocket of my backpack) and of course, caused delay which was not appreciated by the driver.

Once in Concordia, we took a bus for Gualeguaychu.

Our trip was only 4 hours, yet we were served coffee twice.

We thought of staying there for the night but changed our plan and instead decided to go to Uruguay the same day. Our destination: Fray Bentos.

We have passed the border without any fuss andt while the staff was putting a stamp on our passport,  I was so excited having crossed another country mainly by bus.

The travel time to Fray Bentos from Gualeguaychu was 1h15mins according to our tickets. And yes we arrived on time.  Inside the bus terminal of Fray Bentos, Uruguay, there’s a tourist  office. After getting some information, we decided to stay for the night.

We stayed in Hotel Colonial. My husband likes this kind of hotel with high ceiling, wide windows and spacious courtyard. This remind us of the one in Arequipa and in Vigan.

Before searching for a resto, we walked in the plaza as the sun went down. The girls excitedly running everywhere. I guessed they were so glad to finally being off the bus, the parents as well.

In the morning, Carlo bought some bread and pastries from a bakery nearby. The girls had their breakfast by the balcony while we drank our instant coffee by the door. Then, it was time to check out and to discover another place.

We took a bus for Colonia del Sacramento. We stayed for 2 nights in a hostel called Hostal de los Poetas. This is run by Ariel and his wife,Carla. Only 3 months in operation when we arrived. Breakfast is included and there’s a kitchen as well which we appreciate.

The girls were lent some coloring books and pencils. I, on the other hand,was able to exchange one book.

We also visited the Barrio Histórico.

After two nights, we left Uruguay and took a ferry for Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires

Off shore, I was somewhat disoriented. Was it the heat, the traffic or the vastness which lay in front of us? Thinking that taking a taxi instead of a bus would be better, we waited for  one to stop in front of us. Then, when nothing was happening we crossed the street where a couple of them were taking passengers. We waited for another taxi to come which could accommodate us and our 4 luggage. 

Our hotel is right in the middle of the city. The staff were nice, but we were glad it was only for one night.

Second day in Buenos Aires

On the second day and the day of our departure, we were to meet Celine and her family. We decided to walk going to the resto, but we missed a turn and felt like we were moving far from the street where we should be taking, when we decided to take a taxi. We were getting late for our appointment.

That day, the street was full of life, people and ….traffic. There was a street demonstration going on. So we get off the taxi and walked again, until we reached our restaurant. Fortunately, we were not the only one who were late.

And as we walked around the city, the hotel staff let us leave our luggage till it was time for us to go to the airport.

As we cruised along the busy street of Buenos Aires, our taxi driver and Carlo chatted away. Football, politics and a bit of family. The girls were starting to dozed off. I was half listening to the men in front of me,  concentrating my gaze outside, as it changed from busy street to a long line of greens and trees.  We were almost at the airport.

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